Oil Change in Houston, Texas

Routine oil changes are one of the essential repairs for any car make and model. Your engine needs oil to survive, especially in Houston, Texas. Oil lubricates our engines so the car can run without overheating or hesitation. Not only does your car need oil, but it needs clean oil. You never want dirty oil running through your car. This causes the vehicle to work harder and break down faster.

So, every 3,000 miles or 3 months, stop by Collision King for a routine oil change in Houston, Texas. Collision King technicians change the oil and the oil filter so your car is clean and the engine is refreshed. Once the oil starts getting old or dirty, your car will feel sluggish. After an oil change from Collision King, your vehicle will feel brand new.

Our Full Auto AC Services Include:

  • Replace and refill oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Test for oil leaks
  • Refill other fluids
  • Run safety inspection

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Best Oil Changes in Houston, TX

It’s more than an oil change when you visit Collision King. Our technicians move fast, while inspecting other parts of your vehicle. We manage every oil change with great skill so you are ready to go with a quick turnaround.

Before pulling into any automotive shop, make sure you know what type of oil your engine needs. Other technicians will upcharge you for oil you don’t need while Collision King always offers honest service. Our technicians give you an honest estimate at no charge. If you agree to the service and price, we’ll continue with the oil change and walk you through every step.

Along with Collision King recommendations, follow the owner’s manual for your car. The car manufacturer may have special instructions in addition to basic automotive maintenance. At Collision King, our technicians work with all car brands so, if theirs is something unique to your vehicle, we’ll notify you before starting our oil change service. For honest, reliable and affordable oil change service in Houston, Texas, call Collision King today. We’re ready to service your car while you rest and relax.

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Visit Collision King for an Oil Change if:

  • Oil looks black or gritty
  • Engine is running louder than usual
  • You can’t remember your last oil change
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Oil level drops


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I love this place.. I always bring my car for repairs here. They treat you like family. Alexandra and Martin were very helpful.

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They did a great job making my car look as good as new. They went above and beyond and I would recommend this store to anyone.